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The Kitty Kabin

Snuggles Holiday Camp

       The 'Kitty Kabin' is a separate building situated 50m to the right of the pooch camp.

       Snuggles 'Kitty Kabin' is a unique private facility for our feline friends. It features 8 individual rooms; 4 indoor cat rooms, 2 outdoor cat rooms and 2 Snuggles executive suites.

       Our indoor rooms are varied in sizes to suite from 1 to 6 cats (from the same family). The outdoor rooms are 5' x 6' with the addition of a large secure outer area complete with climbing platforms to give our guests plenty of viewing points.

Kitty Room
Kitty Executive Suite        Snuggles executive rooms are double sized rooms featuring colour TVs, virtual vision fish tanks, log fires and plenty of play space. All rooms have a large window and are brightly decorated to give the feel of home.

Vaccinations are essential for your feline friend. Flea preventative treatment is required during June-November for all pets. All vaccinations must be up to date and vaccination papers are required on each stay at Snuggles.

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