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Pooch Holiday Camp

       While you are away, we'll take care of your pooch with top class private rooms featuring colour televisions, heating and air conditioning, individual large patios and not to mention two large secure play areas. Each room also has two half glazed steel fronted doors front and back to allow light in and of course, a viewing point for both the staff and the pooches. Each room is brightly coloured with a homey style border paper and measures 7' x 8'. The outdoor patio area is 8' x 10' which is divided with a low 2' high wall plus a 4' high chain link fence, a great place to say hello to a neighbour as well as offering security.

       We love to think that your pets feel at home at Snuggles and we are always happy to try and fulfill the owners special requests such as medication, feeding times and whether or not you would like them to join in with others in a play group. We will also lead walk your pooch though the many acres surrounding Snuggles at no extra charge. Snuggles.

Pooch Room
Pooch Island

       Summer fun at Snuggles is always a highlight for the year with the added adventure of Pooch Island's splash pools and those long bright sunny days. All play groups are supervised by at least one of our experienced members of staff who love to join in on the fun.

       We are always happy to supply toys, bedding and bowls but owners can always bring additional items which will help their pets stay be more enjoyable. It is highly recommended that owners bring in their pets own food, therefore keeping them on their usual diet. We must also point out that we cannot be held responsible for the loss or damage to toys or bedding etc. that the owners supply.

       Up to date vaccinations are essential and for dogs must include bordatella. Please contact us for the necessary requirements. Also flea preventative treatment is required for all pets. Your pets well being is very important to us.

South Side of Rooms

Pooch Playground

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