A Day at Snuggles


Although our office opens at 9am we

start the day at 6am with the first

outings of the day and then breakfast.

Our pooch guests have a minimum of

5 outings per day with the final

outings in the evening. 

Lunch time is down. time for all of us.



Janette was a qualified nurse in England and ran a Residential Homefor the elderly. Quite the acheivmentfor a 20 year old. She ran the home for over 20 years before making thedecision to move to Canada. 

Her nursing skills have become invaluable when caring for the pets. She received her certificate for canine first aid to add to her resume.


Roy spent most of his career in retail, kitchen and bathroom fitting and DJ`ing. A great base for setting up Snuggles with Janette.  Maybe the DJ`ing has something to do with the televisions in all the pooch rooms.

About Us

Janette is from Rotherham England and Roy from Liverpool, England. Not only setting up a new life in Canada but a new career.   

Everyone has a dream and ours was to take care of animals. Although we each had different careers in England we both had the same the interest. The rest is history.                                                                        

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