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Severn. L3V 0Y2. Ontario. Canada.

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   Required Vaccination.



For Dogs.

Rabies, Distemper and Bordatella. Flea & Tick Prevention is strongly recomened especially during the flea & tick season. For more information please contact us or your vet.

For Cats.

F.V.R.C.P and Rabies. Flea & Tick Prevention is strongly recomened easpecially during the flea & tick season. For more information please contact us or you vet.

                      705 329 1564



                 Help Us Out * **

Please help us out by making sure of the following.

Please do your best to fill in the Booking Form Correctly and be sure to give as much detail as possible as requested.

Double check your Arrival and Departure dates and times.

please also help by keeping to our office opening times as stated on the website.


We will always require a copy of up to date Vaccination documents as issued from your Vet and must include the underlined vaccinations as shown above. All Vaccinations must be up to date. No Vaccinations means no Vacations at Snuggles.

Please do not assume that your pets are vaccinated fully for their stay.

                         Thank You.



Owners are responsible for supplying all their pets dietry needs. Please bring sufficent food for their stay plus extra if you are delayed on your return home.

We do supply some foods and cookies but it is best to keep your pets on their regu;ar foods.

If your pets are on Raw food please be sure to bring it in proper storage containers and portioned. Any extras such as eggs, cheese, cooked meats must be supplied by the owners.

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If you have not had a reply within 48 Hours please call 705 329 1564

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